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Cigar Cases

Cigar sleeves and cases make wonderful gifts for men (and women, too!).  You should look at some of our cigar cases If you are looking for portable cigar storage that will hold a couple of cigars when you go out to dinner. These handmade cases are the ultimate fashion accessory for men and women.  Cigar cases function as miniature humidors and keep your cigars safe from accidental crushing.  They are convenient and fit unobtrusively inside a jacket pocket.  The best cigar cases are adjustable and can accommodate varying ring gauges and cigar lengths.  You might find a handcrafted Italian leather cigar case to be a good investment If you take your cigars along when you travel.  Cigar cases are popular as wedding gifts, groomsmen’s gifts or Father’s Day gifts; in fact, they work for any special occasion.

If you are a golfer or participate in outdoor activities then an extreme cigar caddy will keep your cigars safe from harm. Cigar caddy capacities range from five to over fifty, and they’re made from high impact plastic that’s the most rugged in the industry.   Airtight, watertight and crush-proof, cigar caddies can keep your cigars safe during extreme sports like white water rafting.  They will take a lot of abuse yet keep your cigars safe from environmental hazards.  Cigar Caddy and Xikar Xtreme are two of the top brands of tough travel humidors.

Other Options

See our Travel Humidors for additional portable transportation options for your cigars.

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