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Lampe Berger | Parfum Berger

Parfum Berger, another way of perfuming your home

A collection of fragrant, elegant and refined items.  Perfect for those who want to introduce a beautiful room note to the air in their home. Parfum Berger now invites you to discover another way of perfuming your home.  Occasional or continual, intense or delicate, but always with topmost quality and without any concessions. A collection that is based on exceptional fragrances, created in Grasse by master-perfumers as a real tribute to French tradition and know-how.

How does it work?

Pre-filled containers have essential fragrances inside.  You insert diffuser reeds and over the next several weeks the essence permeates the room.The containers are refillable, and you can adjust the perfuming intensity by adding or subtracting diffuser reeds.

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