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Every man needs a hip flask to carry a “wee nip of courage”. Pocket flasks became very popular in the 18th century and experienced a renaissance during prohibition in the United States.  There is something thrilling about sneaking a sip of Scotch or Bourbon on the sly.  Made from pewter or stainless steel, hip flasks are useful in many situations including when golfing, hunting and fishing. There are even leather boot flasks suitable for sliding down the inside of a cowboy boot.

Hip flasks make fantastic gifts for groomsmen in wedding parties due to the fact that most hip flasks are engravable.  They are great for Father’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts – in short just about any situation where you are looking for a good gift for a man.  Choose from our selection of premium hip flasks in 6 oz. or 8 oz. sizes.  Shop now for best prices and fast shipping in time for your special event!


We recommend you rinse out your flask well after each use.

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  • Black Leather Boot Flask

    Black Leather Boot Flask

  • Stainless Steel Hip Flask - 6oz.

    Stainless Steel Hip Flask