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Humidors | Large & Cabinet

Put your valuable cigars on display with large humidor cabinets or cigar towers from Victory Cigars.  Large cigar humidors usually hold 400 cigars or more and include such features as adjustable shelves, glass doors and space for large humidifiers.  You’ll derive years of enjoyment from your purchase whether you choose a coffee table humidor or a tower humidor.

Cabinet humidors for cigars are finished with Spanish Cedar interiors and trays.  The exterior finishes can include mahogany, rosewood or dark veneers that make the humidor “pop”.  These humidor cabinets are well made and are properly packaged for shipping.  Some may require slight assembly such as fastening the legs in place but in general they are ready to go out of the box.  Like all humidors our large cigar cabinets require seasoning.  We recommend you wipe the cigar cabinet’s interior surfaces with distilled water before introducing your cigars into the humidor.

Our Canadian humidor shop prides itself on providing the best quality and lowest prices on large humidors.  Buy your humidor in Canada and save big on import duties and taxes.  See the variety of cabinet style humidors online or call 1-855-443-0194 today.


Large humidor cabinets require seasoning before use.  Also, passive humidity solutions (i.e. sponges) may not work on large humidors.  For these, we recommend active humidifiers like the Oasis Magna

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