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Hiking & Walking Canes

Walking Canes are a unique gift for a man or woman.  They’re made from Chestnut, Mountain Ash, Sassafras and other strong woods.  Each hiking staff is both practical and beautiful.  Many of our hiking sticks and poles feature interchangeable tips to allow for use in icy conditions.  There are also collapsible walking sticks, or walking canes that have a double purpose such as the umbrella cane.  We also have ladies’ canes in our wide assortment.  All models are made in America and can be shipped to you fast.

About Our Hiking and Walking Sticks

Our walking canes and hiking sticks are made by the largest manufacturer of walking canes in North America . The factory is located in the USA and the workers bend thousands of walking canes every day.

There is something to suit everyone in our great selection of reasonably priced canes.  Users are delighted with these fashionable, artistically carved showpieces because of the excellent craftsmanship.  Hand cut spirals, leather wrist straps and beautiful finishes are standard on all walking sticks.  Most buyers report using their walking sticks as fashion accessories – our gentleman’s cane, with gold handle, would not look out of place in a movie set.

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  • Black Labrador Retriever Cane

    Black Labrador Retriever Cane

  • Black Umbrella Cane

    Black Umbrella Cane

  • Crook Handle Cane

    Crook Handle Cane

  • Extra Tall Derby Cane - Woodgrain

    Extra Tall Derby Cane

  • Fox Terrier Cane

    Fox Terrier Cane

  • Mountain Ash Hiking Stick

    Mountain Ash Hiking Stick

  • Black Palm Grip Cane

    Palm Grip Cane

  • Pink Ladies Derby Cane

    Pink Ladies Derby Cane

  • Ruby Derby Cane

    Ruby Derby Cane

  • Silver Golf Ball Cane

    Silver Golf Ball Cane

  • Silver Horse Cane

    Silver Horse Cane

  • White Ash Walking Stick

    White Ash Walking Stick