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Wallets and Cardholders

Change is the only constant in life. Coins and paper money have served as the main method of payment for centuries. The arrival of high-tech cards caused a rapid replacement of these traditional means of payment. This new era of technology calls for a special type of wallet. One that protects both your privacy and your money. Secrid wallets do exactly that both in terms of security and style.  They make the best RFID wallet in the world.

Each Secrid RFID wallet is small on the outside but surprisingly big on the inside. Secrid wallets incorporate an ultra-thin aluminium Cardprotector.  Plastic cards have a hard time; they get bent and become brittle in your pocket. In particular, RFID/NFC cards are not safely stored in a regular wallet. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards have a chip and an antenna for wireless communication. These cards, such as public transportation passes, modern credit cards and even some admission tickets, can be activated, selected and copied from many metres away, without you noticing. The Secrid Cardprotector works as a firewall in your wallet.

To safely use an RFID/NFC card, you slide it out 3 cm from the Cardprotector; the sensitivity for the radio signal is then substantially reduced, but still sufficient for contact over short distances. By minimising the time duration and signal strength, you remain outside the reach of digital pickpockets.


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