Victory Cigars Holiday Celestial Dark Walnut Humidor Kit


The Victory Celestial Dark Walnut Cigar Humidor Kit includes all the accessories a cigar lover needs!

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The Victory Celestial Dark Walnut Cigar Humidor Kit is an incredible value for the money.  This humidor has it all: a gorgeous matte finish, superior hinges and an attractive price.  But the thing that sets this humidor apart is the thickness of the planks used to construct the walls; you won’t find a humidor this solid, at this price point, anywhere else.   This humidor is loaded with features:

  • Holds up to 50 Cigars
  • 1 Round Humidifier
  • 1 Analog Hygrometer with Black Frame
  • Spanish Cedar Divider
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Nickel Quadrant Hinges
  • Lustrous Walnut Finish
  • Dimensions (Outside): 10 3/8″W x 8 1/2″D x 4 1/2″H

In addition to The Victory Celestial Dark Walnut Cigar Humidor you get all the accessories a cigar lover needs.  Just look at the bonus items you get in this Humidor Kit:

  • Humidor Humidifier – this is where you put the propylene glycol.  Once charged, the humidifier puck passively disperses the correct humidity into the space.
  • Propylene Glycol Humidor Solution – keeps your humidor running at optimal humidity; it’s anti-fungal, too. 8 oz.
  • Analog Hygrometer – allows you to monitor the relative humidity and keep your cigars in peak condition
  • Quad Flame Torch Lighter – Sleek construction, large fuel viewing window and reliable operation are the hallmarks of this fine lighter.
  • Stainless Steel Double Guillotine Cutter – Stainless steel self-sharpening blades for a perfect cut every time.
  • Two finger black leather cigar case; perfect for a night out!

The Victory Celestial Dark Walnut Cigar Humidor Kit has everything a cigar smoker could desire.  Please note that periodically we may need to substitute propylene glycol, cutters or lighters with another brand of equal quality.  Items may not be exactly as shown but your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Additional information

Weight 2.35 kg
Dimensions 40 × 26 × 15 cm