Victory Cigars Summer Of 79 Robusto Bundle

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Original price was: $99.80.Current price is: $79.00.

A bundle of 20 Nicaraguan robustos for a great price.


If you asked us, “Is there a cigar that put you on the map?” then this would be it. A bundle of 20 Nicaraguan robustos for a great price. This is a cigar you can afford to smoke every day. You can buy it singly but 14 singles works out to the same price as a bundle of 20! No bands, no fancy boxes, just a good everyday smoke. The perfect golf cigar, one you won’t be upset if your buddy forgets in the sand trap because you didn’t spend an arm and a leg. Medium-bodied. Size: Robusto 5 x 50.

Please note that this cigar is already offered at the lowest price, therefore we cannot offer any additional discount on the bundle.

A Note About the Summer of ’79 Bundles

We want to let you know about a change to our Summer of ’79 bundles. Starting Monday July 24th, 2023 the bundle size will change but the price will remain the same.

We have managed to hold the price the same since 2016 because we believe you deserve a good, everyday smoke at a reasonable price. Over the past 7 years, Victory Cigars has worked with the factory to absorb annual tobacco tax increases from the Federal and Provincial Governments, plus supply chain increases due to the pandemic. However, we have reached the point where it is not economically viable to maintain the status quo.

We are faced with a choice: either increase the bundle price by a significant amount, or shrink the bundle size to 20 robustos and keep the price the same. Given the economic pressures we’re all facing in today’s economy, we elected to change the bundle size to 20 cigars and keep the price the same. The new bundle formats are in effect on Monday July 24th, 2023; starting Monday, the new format (20 cigars for $79) will be in place.

We hope you understand why this change is necessary. We value your business and hope you’ll continue to enjoy Summer of ’79 Cigars.

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 9 cm

Bundle of 25

34 reviews for Victory Cigars Summer Of 79 Robusto Bundle

  1. Christopher Baldwin (verified owner)

    Got my first bundle of these and I will definitely buy again.
    Great cigar for the price.
    Great daily smoke that doesn’t break the bank

  2. chris-hall (verified owner)

    Easy draw, even burn, overall nice smoke for the price

  3. Ryan Doling (verified owner)

    Great bundle of cigars for the price. Bought it for my birthday celebration as my friends who aren’t cigar smokers like to partake with me on my special day. Rather than wasting a good cigar, (don’t get me wrong these are a good smoke) on these none cigar people I thought I give these a try. My friends though it was great and I myself was surprised that they are a nice smoke one that you can have daily if you wish that wont burn a hole in your pocket. Will buy again for sure.

  4. Dave Nagy (verified owner)

    Great smoke for a great price. As other reviewers have mentions, easy draw and even burn. Have bought the bundle a couple of times and have had only a couple of issues with the wrapping but 99% satisfied! Just bought again.

  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great Daily Cigar. I have bought 5 bundles and enjoyed everyone of them. Great Service and shipping!!!

  6. author-161101682711044 (verified owner)

    A nice smoke but the sticks in my bundle were of inconsistent construction. Of the first three, two were squishy but the third was perfect. Burns and draws well. I will buy more.

  7. Mike Palmer (verified owner)

    Bought a bundle based on the good reviews here and am happy I did! Very mild and smooth with a pleasant taste and, unlike with other cigars, it doesn’t cause a sneezing fit when exhaling through my nose. This is definitely on my “will buy again” list.

  8. steve Balayewich (verified owner)

    Excellent for the price point. Good as an everyday cigar. Low cost doesn’t have to be low quality. Excellent service, fast delivery.

  9. Steve Grigorakis (verified owner)

    Just smoked one and I was pleasantly surprised, ver good for what the cost is. Smoked much more expensive cigars and not as good .

  10. John okane (verified owner)

    Great smoke, great price. What’s not to love.

  11. John Martin (verified owner)

    I ordered the bundle Sunday. It arrived Tuesday. My smoking buddy Ira and I split it 7-18 Wednesday and lit one up apiece. These $3.16 cigars well exceeded my expectations and are at least as good as my last bundle, the Quorum Classic Robusto which cost twice as much. Happy! Thank you.

  12. John Martin (verified owner)

    One complaint: no “Victory Cigars” ribbon per the image above. May I assume this is our nanny state government’s ridiculous plain packaging rule? If they tried this with beer, wine, and liquor there’d be riots. Why aren’t there riots?

  13. author-164263362664355 (verified owner)

    I just bought my first order of these and they are actually a great cigar. Very enjoyable smoke and flavor! I’ve bought $30 cigars that were not nearly as enjoyable. Will buy again.

  14. Troy Soper (verified owner)

    I only give a four because of a couple minor inconsistencies. The flavours are great with these sticks, perfect amount of sweet and spicy, however some are very very mild while others can go from a medium to medium strong. The roll quality is quite nice, only had an issue with two on the draw so far (a bit too tight)…for the price point you really can’t complain one bit. Great job on having these at this price guys and gals! Btw, victory cigars has been amazing thus far, even if I’ve only ordered twice. The wait on processing is very very fast compared to another Ontario based online cigar shop that I won’t mention. Lol. I will order from this site until I’m dead 😉 one love!

  15. author-165876363859019 (verified owner)

    Excellent cigar for the price.
    Good smoke. Even draw.
    I’ll happily keep these stocked in my humidor.

  16. Sandy Cortez (verified owner)

    I’ve only had the chance to smoke a couple so far and I was definitely impressed. Makes for a great mid day smoke, nice even draw, flavour and consistency from one to the other. 23 more to go 🙂 Thanks for the super fast delivery as well.

  17. kevincservid (verified owner)

    In my foray into the world of cigars thus far, this bundle is absolutely lovely and really captures everything I yearn for in a cigar! I’m incredibly grateful that Victory Cigars has this and the wrapper on these robustos are super flavourful! Excellent burn and draw, and I highly recommend these to anyone new to cigars as you’re going to walk away with incredible value and something you love about ’em too!

  18. r.dorfmueller (verified owner)

    Great cigar for the money! I can’t the quality considering the price. 100% Will be buying a few more bundles.

  19. sales77 (verified owner)

    Great cigar !!

  20. nickbrillon

    While the price point is good I disagree with the 5 star ratings. It is a smooth smoke and price point is excellent however I found some tunnelling issues on a few of these. The draw is ok and the flavour is pretty flat so this one gets 3 for me.

  21. keithmchubbs

    I’m still fairly new to cigars. Yet I know what I like . This is just a great cigar and I hit the jackpot with this affordable bundle. My only concern here is . Victory Cigars is going to end up realizing what a winner they are offering and Jack the price up to where it’s no longer appealing. I will definitely be stocking up on these jems .

  22. mpothiah (verified owner)

    Unbeatable value and received quickly after placing my order. They come individually wrapped so I can share them easily. A comparable bundle of house blend cigars from my local tobacconist costs $175, so $79 is a fantastic value.

    Thanks very much for offering these cigars at such an affordable price, I will be sure to recommend it to anyone interested in cigars that I meet.

  23. alainmethot (verified owner)

    Good cigars, good smoke and taste, very fast delivery

  24. VictoryToke (verified owner)

    OMG what a deal. So far all smoked like a champ. These will be my new daily smoke. Get some!

  25. atalkhanal (verified owner)

    Great smoke! So glad I bought the 20-pack. Great price.

  26. VINCENT RICHARDSON (verified owner)

    It’s not a five-star cigar, but it is a five-star four-dollar cigar. One of the best cheap yard gars I have tried.

  27. Bob Masnyk (verified owner)

    Great value for the price!!

  28. davidt (verified owner)

    Very nice smoke for the price. Great draw, even burn, and good flavour. I gave one to a fellow cigar smoker last week while in Cuba. He is going to order some too.

  29. Alvin David (verified owner)

    Great cigar. Love it very much. Ordered multiple times already. Will be ordering more.

  30. musicisgoodwin (verified owner)

    Just got my first bundle. Shipping was a smidge slow (Canada Post/weather related. Victory had then sent out in a jiffy), but the cigars themselves are perfectly fine! Exactly as advertised and a wonderful “everyday cigar” for the price! No complaints at all and will likely buy again!

  31. jackywen698 (verified owner)

    I had smoke my first yesterday, surprised me by the quality, good for daily cigar. Length just perfect for my trip from work to home. Will order more often just worry not enough humidor 😂

  32. jaray.67 (verified owner)

    Selon moi, le meilleur rapport qualité/prix sur le marché. In my opinion, the best deal on the market. Excellent price, fast shipping. Thank you VICTORY CIGARS.

  33. jaray.67 (verified owner)

    Selon moi, le meilleur rapport qualité/prix sur le marché. In my opinion, the best cigars deal on the market. Excellent price, fast shipping. Thank you VICTORY CIGARS.

  34. jan.veluz0802

    I bought these recently for my daily smoke on the premise that it would be guilt free. I figured that if I was running around and needed to light something up that I wouldn’t feel guilty for having to chuck out my stick prematurely. Suffice to say that the guilt is real because I don’t want to put the darn thing down till I’m all the way through it. I’ll argue that even those with more discerning palettes wouldn’t be able to tell that this cigar is less than 10 bucks a stick.

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