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Bluebeards Beard Wash


The original daily beard wash is neither soap nor shampoo – and your face will thank you for it!  This is the product that changed the game — the first ever beard wash, designed both for facial hair and the skin below.

Back in 2005, the guys at Bluebeards were faced with a problem that’s plagued bearded guys forever: traditional shampoo can dry the skin beneath your beard, and soap leaves sticky residue behind. There was no map when they set out to cook up solutions, so they made their own — and struck gold with Bluebeards Original Beard Wash. The original natural beard wash, neither beard shampoo or soap, uses aloe and lime essential oils to cleanse and soften your facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath.

Bluebeards Original Beard Wash is goof for any beard type. Just apply a small amount and work up a rich lather in the shower daily, the same way you’d apply shampoo to the hair on your head. Work the beard wash through from root to tip, to clean both the hair and pores of dirt, oils, and accumulated beard products. Contains aloe vera to soothe and protect, and lime essential oils to help dissolve oils trapped by whiskers. Not a soap, not a shampoo, but a specially formulated wash to treat your beard and face right.

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Bluebeards Beard Wash is the original beard cleanser. Gently cleanses both facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath. Product of USA. (118.3ml/4oz).


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