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New customer, but now

New customer, but now a returning customer.
Fast great service. Will recommend to anyone.

Dave Fahey

Ordered cigars and a new

Ordered cigars and a new humidor online and was very happy with the whole process. The order went through quickly and was shipped and recieved within a few days. I totally recommend Victory Cigars for online orders.

Jonathan Boucher

great customer service and fast

great customer service and fast delivery even with covid 19 pandemic,


Love the new ONLINE option

Love the new ONLINE option you have added! So nice to shop local from home! Great job, really appreciate this addition! Support LOCAL!

Guy Windover
Buckhorn, ON

I want to thank everyone

I want to thank everyone that works at Victory Cigar for there amazing service ordered today delivery tomorrow all ready just amazing and after they shipped my stuff getting e-mail from them telling they send it out and that they putted the request note on the box just amazing. I am going be ordering more cigars from them for sure and I recommend them to other people and friends with there service you can’t get wrong

Thanks again all Victory Cigars for you amazing service and stay all safe and well


Ermin Velic
Hamilton Ontario

Excellent service. Great shipping!

Excellent service. Expedited shipping ! And what to say about the staffs, oh yay , extraordinary peoples.

Try Victory Cigars, always comforting to deal with professional company in today’s world of online shopping.


Daniel Rochon

Even with the current COVID

Even with the current COVID 19 crisulis going on, I called into the shop and spoke with Kevin. He was able to fill my order for me and personally delivered it that day. Wow Thank you Kevin.
This is truly what customer service should be and once again Kevin and the folks at Victory have stepped up to the plate.

Wayne Banks
Bowmanville ON

I was looking to support

I was looking to support a local business when shopping for a birthday gift. Since restrictions due to COVID were in place I turned to online shopping. The experience was so quick and easy to navigate. I even got a personal call to verify one of the items I purchased. Exceptional service!!!! I would highly recommend shopping at Victory Cigars!!!!

Darlene Woodward
Brooklin, ON

Visited Victory First Time

Visited Victory first time last week and found great quality controlled cigars. I always buy my cubans and found great flavour at ones i purchased here. Cigars a cigar but well kept cigars make huge difference
I also tried a fabulous house brand that was well worth the cost and flavour.

Thanks for great experience

See you again on my re stock.



If you love cigars, then

If you love cigars, then you need to find an excuse to visit Victory Cigars. Gillian and Kevin have a great selection of cigars and cigar accessories but, what I like most about their store is the description they had posted along with the cigars – strength, rating, where it’s from, etc – it helps you make a more informed purchase, especially if you’re a ‘newbie’. Along with that, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and most definitely not in your face!
Victory Cigars – it’s worth the drive to Oshawa!

Patrick McHugh

This company is amazing. Quick

This company is amazing. Quick customer service, answered all my questions, product was quickly packaged and shipped directly to my door with absolutely no damage!
Will be utilizing services again!

Hayley Wheeler

I would like to thank

I would like to thank you for creating an enjoyable and comfortable environment to shop in. The staff made me feel as if I was their sole customer, which is a nice experience that is lost in today’s world. The knowlegable staff gave exceptional advice in helping me choose a travel humidor, and you offer a perfect selection of cigars. I was so pleased with the service that i will be back for a new home humidor and a fancy cutter and lighter and most importantly a nice variety of cigars!
Victory Cigars is now my shop of choice and will receive all my cigar business moving ahead. Thanks again!

Andrew Rice
Ajax, ON

My wife and I dropped

My wife and I dropped in today as this is the most local shop to Buckhorn,ON 1.5hr away. I had set my expectations low so as not to be disappointed and was blown away by the great shop, GREAT prices, and the most amazing associate Mikaela Singh!!! She not only listened but walked my wife and I thru the humidor with suggestions for our tastes. I was also impressed with the prices as I had a reasonable knowledge of what they could have been. I will most definitely make the 1.5hr drive back to refill and ask for more suggestions, Thanks Mikaela!!

Guy Windover
Lakefield, ON

Hi I just wanted to

Hi I just wanted to start off by saying that not only did I receive above average service, was extremely knowledgeable and put up with all my beginner questions, I had my younger brother with me while was also full of questions. I feel all my questions and concerns I had were answered expertly and I felt confident about my purchase.
Thanks very much again
Scott Grant
See you soon !!!

Scott Grant

Whenever I am in the

Whenever I am in the Oshawa area I always take the time to stop by Victory Cigars. You are never rushed and they have great expertise with courteous service.
Exceptional variety with cigars for every budget, this is certainly one of the best places to shop if you are in the GTA.

Alain Langlois

A visit to Victory Cigars

A visit to Victory Cigars is like coming home. You are met by people who remember your name and your preferences. They will offer suggestions to fill your needs, based on your personal profile and the resulting purchases are almost always, EXACTLY the best choices! The staff is knowledgeable and are pleased to answer your questions…you get an education with every request. The variety and number of products is outstanding! If they don’t have something you want, they will make every effort to acquire it for you, at a competitive price. The retail industry could do well to study the Victory model…it’s the best example of service and product selection.

Aurel Guillemette
Oshawa, ON

it was a pleasure to

it was a pleasure to walk into a store with such class and a wide verity of real cigars and personal products. I lived in Cuba for some years and my heart skipped a beat to walk into cigar heaven.
thank You for providing this, so difficult service to find.

brian maccuaig
brighton ontario

Impeccable Service

I’m never the person to write reviews, but after the service I have received from Victory Cigars I would be stupid not too. This is the second time I have ordered from the site and everything couldn’t have turned out better.

The quality of the their products and services are impeccable.

I want to thank you again for great service!

Chris Sanderson
Richmond Hill, ON


Ordered a humidor kit online and was surprised to receive it 2 days later, although it was a gift for me I checked it out to make sure it was all intact, and was impressed at the quality, of the order.

Anthony Jezovit
Mt Albert, ON

Exceptional Service!

Highly recommended seller. I ordered my display 5 Humidor on Sunday, and received it on Friday. It was perfect! The best thing is the shipping was free!


Bing Fung
Saskatoon, SK

Excellent Experience!!

I placed an order for the first time a few days ago and must say I am more than satisfied with the friendly, pleasant, courteous and helpful service I received from the staff at Victory Cigars. When placing my order I accidentally pressed down on confirm order twice, thus creating two orders. When I asked for assistance with this matter, I received it right away and the staff helped me to rectify my error. I received my Christmas Spice fragrance for my Ashleigh Burwood fragrance lamp just a few days after I placed the order, so needless to say, speedy service, and it was well-packaged and I am one very satisfied customer. I will definitely be ordering more fragrance for my fragrance lamp again in the near future. Thank you once again to all at Victory Cigars who assisted me with my order. First Class service to be sure!!

Ruth Tierney
Montreal, QC

Wonderful Service!!

Wonderful made my oder around 1 pm on Wednesday my package arrived around 1pm Thursday I am extremely happy with the price and service I received thank you.

Shannon McConnell
Pefferlaw, ON

Excellent Shopping Experience

– Good advice;
– Never hurried along when talking on the telephone;
– Good product;
– Good delivery.
I will keep coming back.

Keith G. Marsh
Castlegar, BC

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