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We carry a large selection of butane torch and soft flame lighters at Victory Cigars’ online store.  Shop today and you’ll find a wide variety of fine cigar lighters by such names as Siglo, Xikar, Lotus, Colibri, Zippo and more!  These range from luxurious lighters with crystals and metallic finishes to inexpensive flint lighters.  Cigar lighters can make bold fashion statements or be very understated; the choice is entirely up to you.

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Butane Torch vs Soft Flame

Butane Torce

Most cigar smokers use butane torch lighters.  As the name suggests, these use highly refined butane fuel which produces a hot blue flame, suitable for lighting a cigar quickly.  Butane torches have single, double, triple or even quadruple flames; the more flames the faster the cigar ignition.  It’s also helpful to keep in mind that it’s easier to light big cigars with a multi-flame butane torch.  Keep in mind, however, that a triple flame torch uses a lot more fuel than a single torch flame lighter so you’ll wind up refilling the former more often.  For this reason, most single flame torch lighters are smaller and more compact than multi flame cigar torches.

Soft Flame

Soft flame cigar lighters are very different than torch lighters.  Purists will use a soft flame to set a piece of Spanish cedar alight, then use the cedar flame to gently toast and light their cigar.  The soft flame imparts a certain nostalgic flair to the ritual, but it comes apart in windy conditions!

Lastly, this section has the world’s most iconic line of lighters, Zippo: “The Name In Flame”.  The basic shape of the Zippo lighter has not changed since Zippo was first invented.  Today’s Zippo lighter has gone beyond its steel predecessors and Zippos now have sophisticated finishes on the outside.

Choosing a lighter is a very personal choice.  Victory Cigars online store has a wide range of cigar torches, pipe lighters and Zippos to make your task enjoyable.


*Most* butane lighters use a standardized fuel tip for refueling.

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    1935 Replica with Slashes

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  • Armor High Polish Chrome

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    Brown Zippo Lighter Pouch With Loop

  • Vintage Brushed Brass w/ Slashes

    Vintage Brushed Brass w/ Slashes

  • Vintage High Polish Chrome w/ Slashes

    Vintage High Polish Chrome w/ Slashes

  • Vintage Street Chrome With Slashes

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    Zippo Wick