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Cigar Humidors

Victory Cigars offers a variety of cigar humidors.  Choose from varying sizes, materials & colours in our online store.  Humidor cigar boxes make wonderful gifts for any cigar lover to store their premium cigars.

When buying a humidor cigar box, ask two questions.  First, is it made from Spanish Cedar?  Second, does it have good hinges? Quadrant hinges are the best.  Lastly, look at the overall construction.  You should see evidence of fine joinery; this is a sign the humidor will have a good seal.  All our desktop cigar humidors use Spanish Cedar, even the small ones.  The exceptions can be found in the travel humidor section.  Travel models are designed for rugged use and cigar protection.

Get a quality, low cost cigar humidor by shopping online at Victory Cigars.  If you have a question about storing cigars, or anything cigar related, call us during regular business hours on our toll-free line at 1-855-443-0194.


Your humidor requires seasoning before use, with the exception of travel cases and caddies.  Use distilled water to season a humidor, or Boveda one step seasoning products.  Also, the liquid in the humidifier is important; we recommend humidor elixir, also known as propylene glycol solution.

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  • Duke Deluxe Cigar Humidor

    Duke Deluxe Cigar Humidor

  • Sale! Duke Deluxe Cigar Humidor

    Duke Gloss Deluxe Cigar Humidor

  • Cigar Humidor Commander Deluxe Cherry Wood

    Commander Deluxe Cigar Humidor

  • Sale! Viscount Deluxe Cigar Humidor - Cherry

    Viscount Deluxe Cigar Humidor

  • Artisan 30 Count Cigar Humidor

    Artisan 30 Count Cigar Humidor

  • Cigar Caddy 15 Count Travel Humidor

    Cigar Caddy 15 Count Black Travel Humidor

  • Sale! San Tropez Cigar Humidor

    San Tropez Cigar Humidor