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Cigarette Holders

Our cigarette holders are designed to look elegant while helping reduce harmful elements in the smoke.  The Friend Holder system has no crystals or chemicals; just a scientifically-designed cartridge that reduces tar and nicotine.

Two Ways Tar & Nicotine Are Reduced:
  1. First, a condensation chamber concentrates and accelerates tobacco smoke through tiny air holes, trapping harmful particles.
  2. Secondly, the Friend fibre filter removes more tar and nicotine as the smoke passes through.

The result is a powerful double acting filtering system that leaves tar and nicotine trapped in a neat, no-mess disposable cartridge. Each filter cartridge is good for between 15 and 20 cigarettes.  And the Friend Holder is suitable for holding items other than cigarettes; for example, the system works well with cigarillos and small cigars too.

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    Cigarette Friend Holder

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