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Cigar Ashtrays

Shop Victory Cigars Online store for the best quality and low, discount prices on cigar ashtrays in Canada.  Call toll free 1-855-443-0194 If you have questions.

Brands of Ashtrays

Ashtrays come in a variety of materials.  Porcelain, ceramic or powder coated (painted) steel are the most popular.  Cigar ashtrays also have interesting finishes including chrome, paint or decorative decals.  Some have unique characteristics that lend themselves to different application.  “Stinky” brand cigar ashtrays work well indoors or outdoors.  They have a colour-coated finish and the ability to stand up to rough use; they float so they can even be used in hot tubs or pools.  Stinky ashtrays also come in tabletop or floor models, making them quite versatile.  Xikar ashtrays, due to their heft, can be placed in the most windswept setting safely.  Siglo cigar ashtrays, on the other hand, are best suited to indoor use because they are made from fine bone china.

Victory Cigars has a wide selection of ceramic, steel, wooden, crystal or glass models of cigar and pipe ashtrays.  Whichever ashtray you choose, you’ll enjoy many years of satisfaction.

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  • Car Cigar Ashtray By Stinky Cigar

    Car Cigar Ashtray By Stinky Cigar

  • Sale!

    Rocky Patel Porcelain Purple Accent Cigar Ashtray

    $49.99 $39.99
  • Tabletop Cigar Ashtray By Stinky Cigar

    Stinky Cigar Tabletop Ashtray

  • Tabletop Chrome Cigar Ashtray

    Tabletop Chrome Cigar Ashtray By Stinky Cigar

  • Tabletop Copper Cigar Ashtray

    Tabletop Copper Cigar Ashtray By Stinky Cigar