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Cigar Punches

Cigar punches are cigar tools for preparing a cigar for smoking, just like a cigar cutter.  The punch is used to cut a small circular hole in a cigar’s cap; this let’s you draw on the cigar (i.e. smoke it).  Using a cigar punch on a cigar is popular because the head of the cigar stays intact.  The hole lets smoke pass but the head and cap stay largely in place, so fewer tobacco bits get in your mouth.

Some claim cigar punches enhance a cigar’s flavour.  Others find that punches restrict the draw on the cigar.  Clearly, using a cigar punch is a personal preference, and cigar punches cannot be used on all types of cigars.  They work best on cigars over the ring gauge 38.


Some people find the draw to be too tight when using a punch; this tends to happen when punching larger ring gauge cigars (60+).  Also, a punch will not work so well on torpedo or figurado shaped cigars.

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