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August 16, 2016 – As the fall approaches it’s time to look at the upcoming list of cigar junkets available to cigar aficionados.  Kevin and Julian discuss the range of opportunities to visit cigar plantations and factories, from Nicaragua and Honduras to Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  Whether you have four days to devote to your passion or just a couple of hours, you’ll find that there is something available.  The Drew Estate Cigar Safari, Rocky Patel Cigar Excursion and Perdomo Cigars Trip are covered, as are some of the National offerings in Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Canadian Cigar Scene is a live show providing educational information to Canadian cigar connoisseurs. Broadcast every Tuesday from 6:45-7:15pm EST, the show is available on Internet radio; go to to listen live.  Hosts Julian and Kevin own Victory Cigars, a retail cigar store located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.  For more information about Victory Cigars visit; for upcoming broadcasts go to

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