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Lighter Fuel

Cigar lighters can be divided into two principal classes:  those with hot blue flames, and those with soft flames.  The former use butane fuel (the soft flame lighters may also use butane).  Among soft flame lighters, Zippo stands alone.  It uses its own brand of lighter fuel.

Butane Fuel

Cigar torch lighters are high performance tools and require the best quality butane. Your lighter’s performance and durability is greatly affected by the type of fuel you use.  We’ve all seen cheap cans of butane for sale; did you know that cheap butane can plug up your lighter?  That’s why we sell butante that has near zero impurities (less than 15 parts per million).  This ensures top performance.  You will get a hot blue flame every time, and your lighter’s burner valves will not become clogged.  Use good quality butane and you’ll keep your lighter functioning properly for years.

Zippo Fuel

Zippo fuel is unique.  It stays in a liquid state and comes in a rectangular can.  You will notice that the fuel has a strong odour; for this reason, we suggest you fill your Zippo in the garage or someplace where an accidental spill won’t matter.

Please note that lighter fuel items are sent by ground shipping only.

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