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Humidors | Travel

A travel humidor is meant to safely transport your valuable cigars.They’re often made of leather or other premium materials; some have Spanish cedar as well. Many travel humidors are miniature copies of larger humidors and have humidity gauges and humidifiers.

Cigar Caddy makes our best selling travel cases.  These high-impact plastic humidors are water-tight, crush-proof and rugged.  Also, they have lugs for a padlock as well as a lanyard for fastening to your wrist or golf bag.  Small Cigar Caddy humidors fit as few as two cigars while large cigar caddies can fit 15 cigars or more.

On average, travel humidors usually fit about a dozen cigars and are meant to keep your cigars safe while you are on the go.  A compact, lightweight travel humidor makes a great gift for men and women alike.  Get great quality and low prices on travel humidors by shopping today at Victory Cigars online.


Many travel humidors have a small sponge for humidification.  A few drops of distilled water is all that’s needed to provide humidity

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  • Cigar Caddy 15 Count Travel Humidor

    Cigar Caddy 15 Count Black Travel Humidor