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Humidors | Desktop

Many aficionados have one or more desktop humidors.  The ultimate expression of a cigar smoker’s personality is his or her cigar humidor.  The choices in humidor size, material, style and capacity are quite extensive.   Keep in mind that cigar humidors must possess four key attributes:

Attributes for Desktop Humidors
  • First, they should be well constructed and made from (or lined with) Spanish cedar;
  • Second, the humidor should have a good seal between the humidor’s lid/door;
  • Third, the humidor needs good quadrant hinges;
  • Lastly, the humidor should be visually attractive and well constructed with solid brass or nickel hardware.

These features ensure the perfect environment for your valuable cigars.  All our top quality humidors possess these four attributes in spades, and all of our cigar humidors will last a lifetime if you look after them.   Our low discount prices mean you can get a quality humidor without breaking the bank.  Shop online today and get the humidor you really want.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with a desktop humidor from Victory Cigars!

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