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Humidor Kits

Novice cigar smokers and cigar aficionados both agree that humidor kits offer excellent value for the money.  You get substantial savings over the purchase of the individual components when you purchase cigar humidor kits.

Victory Cigars has taken the standard cigar humidors for sale and paired them with key cigar and cigar storage accessories.  We customize our cigar humidor combos to fit every cigar smoker’s needs.  Victory Cigars’ thoughtful pairings mean that cigar humidors are matched with cigar accessories in appealing packages.

Buy a humidor kit online from Canada’s #1 cigar accessory shop; while you are at it, maybe get one for a friend.  You might travel far and wide researching cigar humidors in Canada; trust us when we tell you that humidor combo kits are the ultimate gift for the cigar smoker and the ultimate bargain for the buyer. For great prices and quality in cigar humidor kits shop Victory Cigars online store!


Cigar humidors require seasoning before use.  We recommend wiping down with distilled water, or using a seasoning system like the Boveda One-Step

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