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Bath, Nail & Clothes Brushes

Our clothing and personal grooming brushes comprise key elements in a Gentleman’s wardrobe.  Start with our military clothes brushes to keep your suit or uniform in top condition.  Just a few swipes with the bristle clothes brush and presto!  Your epaulettes are spotless.  After using a clothing brush, consider other specialty brushes for your wardrobe.  For example, you can buy a nail brush online to keep your fingernails and cuticles clean and polished.  And what about the a brush for the bath?  Men’s bath brushes are critical for maintaining those hard to reach places and do a wonderful job of keeping your back exfoliated.  All our Gentlemen’s brushes are made from wood and bristle.  A pure bristle brush will last a long time and far outlasts cheaper competitors’ offerings.  For the best prices and selection on bath brushes, military clothing brushes and nail brushes shop online at Victory Cigars.


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    Bath Brush

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    Rectangular Clothes Brush