Cigar Draw Enhancer Tool


Improve the draw on eve the most plugged cigar!

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It’s every cigar smoker’s worse nightmare … you start to enjoy a cigar you’ve carefully aged and *gasp* there’s no draw! That’s where this device comes into play.

When you saw the golf ball and the title “Draw Enhancer”, you might have got all optimistic that this tool would give you your best golf season ever. Well, this tool won’t allow you to shape a draw like Tiger but it will ensure that whatever your handicap, you won’t have any problem with the draw on your stogie. Just insert this device from the foot of the cigar a couple of times and you will create air passages that markedly improve the draw on even the most plugged cigar. Looks like a pen to the untrained eye and fits innocently into any shirt or jacket pocket.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the cigar and golf pieces in the pictures are simply for scale and illustration and are not included.

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