The Terminator

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A Nicaraguan 6 x 60 exclusive to Victory Cigars!


A Victory Cigars exclusive! This hand-made Nicaraguan 6 x 60 is a puro, meaning entirely made from Nicaraguan tobacco. Features a sungrown Condega Valley wrapper and medium filler. The overall strength of this cigar is medium-bodied with notes of toffee and a nice coffee finish. Available singly or in bundles of ten. Size: Gordo 6 x 60.

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 13 × 16 × 5 cm

Bundle of 10, Single

7 reviews for The Terminator

  1. Wes Miller (verified owner)

    These are the first cigars I have ever ordered from a Canadian retailer. I found that after spending a week in the humidor at 70, these cigars had a nice even burn. Very mild taste for my pallet and at $9 per cigar, an enjoyable experience all around.

  2. Jim2680

    Great stick, very enjoyable smoke, very consistent from start to finish and a nice even burn.

  3. L Robert Tudor (verified owner)

    I am a loyal Rocky Patel fan and discovered these little gems by accident.Jim and Wes describe the experience quite well.My go to cigar for a day on the water fishing , cutting the grass or just puttering around the yard.

  4. author-161892885295076

    Great smoke, very well balanced, nice even burn from start to finish.

  5. Aaron Facey (verified owner)

    Great price, but for me the summer of 79 is a much better smoke for a bit better of a price. The burn is good and consistent but I didn’t really like the taste. Based on the other reviews I am clearly in the minority but for me I wish I had just bought 1 instead of 10.

  6. RBraiden

    For the price, I have to say this is one of the best cigars I have had. The taste is very smooth and the draw is perfect!

  7. kevincservid (verified owner)

    These are my new favourites. Wow beautiful burn took me over an hour to enjoy and I had three ash falls one per third. Absolute coffee bliss and sweet toffee on the retrohale! Last third held up in flag our and had that caressing tobacco flavour right till the end. I highly recommend these as it never required a touch up and was seriously smooth and a very memorable experience!!!

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