Mathilde Cigars’ Enrique Seijas Is Here To Launch Some Beautiful New Cigars

The official Canadian launch of the new Matilde cigars is happening on Saturday June 3rd, from 11-4pm. The Oscura and the Quadrata cigar are new brands in Canada. We will be offering buy 4 cigars get one free cigar or buy a box of cigars and get 8 cigars free !! Great swag to give away as well. The Matilde Quadrata Toro is rated 89 in Cigar Aficionado, and is a Medium-Full cigar. The Matilde Oscura Toro is rated 89 as well, and is also a Medium-Full cigar.

About Enrique Seijas

Enrique Seijas was born June 7th 1984 in La Romana Dominican Republic. His father Jose Seijas, was VP of Operations and Master blender for the largest cigar factory in the world. Growing up at Tabacalera de Garcia meant the manufacturing process was natural for Enrique.  Summer vacations were spent working in the factory, which added to his knowledge.

Enrique earned his degree in Marketing and then started working in sales for La Casa del Tabaco.  He soon became director of Marketing for them, a  2 year position he held before starting to work with his father. Enrique stripped and selected tobacco and even rolled cigars for a full year! During this time, he had the honour of learning from the best tobacco growers in the business; as well as participating in cigar blending beside his father.  At the end of 2011, Jose retired from Tabacalera de Garcia and Enrique followed him to create the boutique cigar which they now own – Matilde.

Since then Enrique has been working beside his father striving to making the best cigars in the world. In 2014 Matilde Renacer debuted in the USA, winning a position in Cigar Aficionados top 25.  They have now created 4 different core blends – Renacer, Oscura, Quadrata and Serena. He is now in charge of marketing and product development for Matilde. When he is not visiting clients, you can find him working on new projects.  We look forward to hosting both Enrique and you next Saturday!