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This is the beautiful thing about cigar smokers: they know the best and desire it, but they are relaxed enough to enjoy whatever happens.  In other words they are the salt of the Earth. You know why? Because when you smoke a fine cigar in good company, you can’t help but have a good time.

Have you ever considered hosting a real cigar party? Not just a drop-in kind of thing, but an afternoon or evening that is strictly cigar smoking business? There are several ways in which you can accomplish this; a little effort will yield huge results. Victory Cigars has some tips to help you plan the perfect cigar soiree.

First, determine your party’s theme>  Is it a night to taste Scotch? Would you like it centered around a poker game? Maybe there is a major sporting event, or movie on TV? Decide what your theme will be and build your party around your theme.

Guests> Who is invited? Once you’ve developed your list, get in contact. Call them, or give them a shout-out on social media.  Text them, or send out an old-fashioned invitation by mail.  Classiest invite wins! The size of your guest list will be based on your theme and space requirements.  If you are hosting a poker game, for example, the number of guests will depend on the number of card tables you can accommodate.  A movie night will be less restrictive as long as you have seating for all who are invited.

Bevvies> Tailor your drink menu to your event. And don’t be afraid to ask your guests to chip in. Should you have a Scotch or Whisky tasting, ask people to bring a bottle of their favourite.  It’s perfectly acceptable to ask people to bring something along to help defray costs.  If you are watching a movie, make it a BYOB and have a case of beer chilling on ice for anyone who may like a cold beer.  As long as you are clear when you invite your guests what the expectation is, they will arrive prepared. Stock up on a few basic non-alcoholic drinks.  Coffee, soda, bottles of water and non-alcoholic beer are great choices.  Set up your drinks and coffee where people can self-serve. If barbecuing, set up a cooler or beer fridge outside to keep drinks nice and cold.

Chow> Should your theme require it, you will want to have food available.  If it’s a poker or sporting night, some sandwiches and plates of finger food may suffice.  A Scotch/Whisky tasting night will demand a more varied spread.  Think cheese, salty snacks (such as a pretzels), a meat tray with artisan breads or maybe a pot or two of hot foods like wings, ribs or pulled pork. It’s your party, so determine your budget and provide accordingly.  Your guests will expect some decent food to balance out the alcohol, so get going on that! If serving potato chips or pretzels, serve them in cigar boxes lined with wax paper!  The food you serve should be paired to your cigar selections.  Serve lighter snacks with milder cigars and vice versa. Usually the main courses of food come out before the last cigar.  Make sure the follow up cigar is worthy of whatever food you’ve prepared, for example, a full bodied cigar is best savoured after a steak dinner.

Accessories> Provide your guests with everything they will need to enjoy a fine cigar.  Ashtrays, cutters and lighters are a must.  If you have a table-top lighter all the guests will be able to use it.  Maybe put two or three decent, smaller lighters around on tables, along with an inexpensive yet functional cutter.  Many tobacconists can supply cedar sticks for lighting cigars; this provides an elegant touch to the evening.

Cigars> You may wish to invest in a box of cigars for your guests.  A nice cigar like the Victory Cigars House Blend or the Summer Of ’79’s are very cost effective choices.  The latter only costs $79 for a bundle of 25. Of course it’s encouraged for your guests to bring cigars for sharing as well; it’s a night of testing and trying new blends, new brands.  Share your favourites.  Break some vintages out of your humidor (after all there is no time like today for smoking a special cigar).   Should you wish to provide cigars to your guests, keep in mind that different people have different preferences.  So mix it up with a choice of mild, medium or strong blends.  Pair the beverages with the cigars; mild cigars are good with milder drinks like a gin and tonic.  Medium gars pair well with rum or red wine.  Heavier drinks go well with full bodied cigars; think port or cognac when serving a stronger cigar.  Stay away from anything too spicy in the foods because you want your guests to enjoy the cigars…and food and drinks only compete with their palate for attention.  Bag up the cigars in plastic bags with a piece of cedar or two in the bag, and a book of wooden matches for a nice elegant touch.  Remember, this is not your average Monday night in the garage. Set it all up and watch the magic happen. Good luck with your event!