Have you been to one of our annual OktoberCigarFest’s yet? Well you just missed this one, lol.  It was AMAZING.  The weather was stupendous.  The cigars were tasty, thanks Mombacho! And the food, delicious.  What better way to celebrate cigar family than with this phenomenal event? Traditionally Oktoberfest begins in Munich on September 20th, and we always host our event in September too.  This way we are sure to get the best weather possible and stay close to tradition as well.

Tanja is a close family friend of co-owner Julian, and always shows up to represent wearing her German traditional dirndl.  She rocks it! This year she met with client and friend Joseph’s parrot Maxine.  Maxine is quite the personality!

Door prizes, hot German food and cold German beer.  We also like to make sure you all get a picture with our beautiful ladies from Victory Cigars and Kretek too.

Be sure to attend our event next year.  There is always something new and different about OktoberCigarFest every year so attending one isn’t like attending them all! Last year Rocky Patel stayed for the entire day and if you can remember, we created some damn fun memories.  So bookmark our event calendar and follow our event listings for all the greatest tobacco events Canada has ever had.


from the Victory Cigars Staff