Omar Ortez JR, Julian, Diana + Kevin

Omar worked hard in the humidor all day. Tirelessly helping and educating clients on his new cigar.

The Victory boys with Omar in the humidor.

Julian, Omar Ortez Jr, and Kevin

The Omar Ortez Originals Launch Came To Victory Cigars

Omar Ortez Jr was in the house for the launch of his new cigar “Omar Ortez Originals”.  Feedback has been great in the wake of this new launch and we were so happy to have Omar with us in the humidor for the day.  He was gracious, and entertained and educated our clients – a true gentleman.  Omar Ortez Jr you are welcome back to our shop anytime!  Thanks to all of you who came out to meet Omar, we hope you enjoyed his visit.  Thanks to Kretek – specifically Nick, Diana and Hugo for always giving 100% to these events.

The Next Launch Event Comes Soon!

See you all at the next one…Saturday November 4th we host our Annual Flor de las Antillas event…one day only.  11-5pm