Montecristo No. 4

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The best selling Cuban cigar in the world!

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The best selling Cuban cigar in the world. Nuances of coffee, cocoa and vanilla blend in great harmony with a medium tobacco taste. Made in Cuba. Size: 5 x 42. Please note when purchasing bundles or boxes of cigars a 10% discount will be applied at the checkout. Note that these are now shipping in plain packaging.

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2 reviews for Montecristo No. 4

  1. kevincservid (verified owner)

    Montecristo No. 4 is the very first cigar I’ve ever smoked! I’m glad I chose it too, as I couldn’t believe how a cigar could taste like the world’s best cup of coffee… it was so surreal and I feel blessed to have had this one as the first of many, it certainly set the bar high!

  2. Stogies&Bogies (verified owner)

    The only way to describe this cigar is like flushing a 7 iron to 4 feet and sinking the birdie putt. The second you take the first haul you immediately know it’s going to be your favourite cigar. This cigar is the ProV1 of cigars. You get what you pay for and this one you will never regret paying for. Try not to shank this one into the woods because it’s meant to finish the round with.

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